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Edcom Educators is the vision of Mrs. Arlene Hamblin-Paul. The aim of Edcom is to provide a wide range of education and development services to meet the needs of individuals, groups and organizations. Our team of Consultants are qualified in a range of fields, from the Social Sciences to Emergency Medical Services.
Arlene Hamblin-Paul Career Coach | Consultant Educator
Arlene Hamblin-Paul
CEO and Principal Educator

Professional Profile


Mrs. Arlene Hamblin-Paul is an Educator with over 25 years experience. She has earned certifications and qualifications in both the EMS profession as well as the Social Sciences.


In 1993 Mrs. Hamblin Paul began her professional development development journey as a Nursing Auxiliary.  Her journey continued as she assumed  the position of a teacher's assistant.

In 1995 her professional development journey took a sharp turn when she enlisted in the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force where she served till 2000.


In 2000 Mrs. Paul pursued her EMT certification followed by her paramedic certification in 2004 at the La Guardia Community College. 

Upon her return to Trinidad and Tobago, she became the first female Trinbagonian paramedic to serve in Trinidad and Tobago.

In 2005 she pursued her Critical Care paramedic certification, earning the title of first female to earn critical care paramedic certification and work as part of a medical flight crew within the oil and gas industry. 

 During this time Mr. Hamblin-Paul also earned certification as an Emergency Medical Services Instructor and has conducted training for various organizations and individuals.


Since that time Mrs. Paul has earned a BSc. and MSc., in the field of Social Science as well as certifications in distance learning education, counselling and curriculum design.

As a career coach and Educational Consultant, she believes that self investment is one of the most valued investments one can make.

Mrs. Paul is currently investing her time in  pursuit of a Doctoral degree in Education, which she believes will enable her to improve her efficiency and service as an educator.

Other Interests

Mrs. Hamblin-Paul is an avid sport enthusiast who has been involved in the sport of triathlon for several years. She is also a certified dance Minister with the Eagles International Dance Institute.

Another area of interest for Mrs. Hamblin-Paul is the NGO Anointed Sons International, an organization which focuses on the development of male youth within our society.

She believes that work life balance is integral to the success of any professional whether entrepreneur or employee. 

The services offered by Edcom Educators are provided by a team of qualified consultant educators who specialize in their individual fields of study.


"Being the holder of an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice and a BSc in Psychology, has allowed me the benefit of being able to apply Psychological concepts through a criminological lens. I specialize in the application of research methodologies in the furtherance of the strategic process, which is vital to private companies and government agencies alike.


I find great pleasure in embracing new challenges as these are the stepping stones to the development of new competencies. My experience stems from the facilitation of Psychology courses, development of programmes for at risk youth and my tenure at various government agencies."

Makemba Whittley Consultant Educator
          Makemba Whitley
        Consultant Educator
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