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" Arlene did a phenomenal job transforming my resume.
I was impressed by her professionalism, attention to detail and her genuine interest in my goals. Because of her expert workmanship I was set for success."
                                                                                         Daren Khan
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The Next Level Empowerment Conference was inspirational. The thought provoking question "Who am I ignited immediacy to introspect moral values/standards, and to evaluate the specifics on how I view myself. I appreciate interactive components. It engaged the attendees, and created the opportunity for us to glean from each others' comments.

                                                                                    Glanna Gilkes

Eight Week Professional Development Program
The opportunity to work with Edcom Educators is Priceless. I had so many ideas before, but the training gave me some of tools and techniques necessary to organize these ideas. Now I feel even more confident about my future and I look forward to meeting the best version of myself.
Thanks Edcom Educators.
                                                                                            Arthur Carr       

Mid Year, 2023, on the week before my birthday I was faced with a major corporate decision to make. I feel like I was at a crossroads, a transitional point in my life that would change my direction.
Mrs. Arlene Hamblin-Paul said to me, very calmly and with much assurance; “What you are experiencing now is the cumulative total of your efforts. You are being rewarded for all your efforts, now walk through the doors that are open. Find your rhythm”.
These words resonated within me and sure enough, my anxiety dissipated as I created a mental list of all the positives that can be derived from this opportunity. I am thankful for her input in such a pivotal moment in my life. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Chinara Griffith



" I love the flexibility of the RSV approach" I was able to pay online and complete the online classroom sessions when it was most convenient, even outside business hours. I highly recommend this RSV. Best of all when the equipment was returned almost immediately the certification was sent via email. RSV is safe, convenient stress free and affordable."


                                                                                                         Trudy Lewis

" I'd just like to say the your First Aid, CPR, AED course far exceeded my expectations. I was honestly anxious and thought I'd be way out of my depth but you made it so easy to understand and were so forthcoming with information. Thank you for being so open to my wide range of questions and trust that will be recommending you to others."
                                                                                                      Che velle Henry

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